Octane is our proprietary home loan origination technology

we built for our borrowers and home loan officers.


It’s a robust, industrial-grade platform designed to make getting a home loan faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before. Octane is a highly engineered solution that doesn’t just benefit our customers and partners, it powers our business.



Backed by Cardinal Financial's proprietary loan processing technology, Octane, we are able to consistently offer some of the lowest rates and fastest closings in the industry.





Our streamlined lending experience has modernized the way home loans are obtained by bringing increased transparency, simplicity, and efficiency into an industry that has oftentimes lacked all three.




What takes three days at other wholesale lenders takes as little as three minutes with the Michele and Lior Team. With Octane, speed and power are in our hands. 




Our technology removes friction from the home loan process and allows us to spend more time with you–delivering a more personal experience.